Caffeine Inhaler- Aero Shot

Caffeine inhaler Aero Shot which is manufactured by Breathable Foods Inc. may have false or misleading statements in its labeling and the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has shown concerns over this. One of the reasons the product labeling is “false or misleading” is because the company’s promotional material describes two contradicting ways to use it: one way says it is intended to be ingested by swallowing; the other says it is designed to be inhaled. In reality a product cannot be intended for both inhalation and ingestion because the functioning of the epiglottis in the throat keeps the processes of inhaling and swallowing separate.

Aero Shot looks somewhat like a shotgun shell and is supposed to give you quite a jolt after you inhale the combination of B-vitamins and other ingredients contained within. Aero Shot makes the conventional cup of coffee look obsolete and makes it easier for those on the go, to get their daily doses of caffeine without stopping to star bucks. The Aero Shot canister contains four to six individualized and calibrated puffs of caffeine. A majority of individuals find that they get the full effect from this product, if they inhale all five to six individualized doses at once rather than inhale two or three separate puffs every couple of hours apart. Using one whole canister of Aero Shot at one time will give you quite a lift without having to use an elevator. Also you will not experience the jitters after ingesting the product, as is sometimes the case after consuming caffeinated products. In fact the effect from Aero Shot will last for approximately three full hours, before you have to go back for another puff or two.

caffeine inhaler
However there is a concern regarding the fact that caffeine is not normally inhaled into the lungs and the safety of doing so has not been well studied. Although the company says on its website that the particles in Aero Shot are too large to enter the lungs, and that this is backed by decades of research, it does not actually refer to any. Besides this, Aero shot also carries with it the potential to be abused, especially if it is taken with more well-known party drugs, such as ecstasy or other similar drugs. Like any drugs, particularly prescription drug products, their intended use is to remedy conditions associated with various disease states and conditions. The manufacturers are required to ensure their products are safe and properly labeled before making them available to consumers.

Caffeine Inhaler- Aero Shot
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