Gerber Recalls Baby Food that Gives Off Strange Smell

Gerber Products Company has decided to recall and replace Gerber Good Start Gentle powdered infant formula after some strange and foul odor has been found from this product. Although the product poses no health risk and is not dangerous for the people who consumed it, yet some minor gastrointestinal signs and symptoms are found in some babies. Gerber Products Company is a purveyor of baby food and baby products. A former American-owned company, Gerber is now a subsidiary of NestlĂ©, and is currently located in Fremont, Michigan, USA. The company was founded in 1927 in Fremont, Michigan, by Daniel Frank Gerber, owner of the Fremont Canning Company, which produced canned fruit and vegetables. At the suggestion of a pediatrician, Gerber’s wife Dorothy Gerber began making hand-strained food for their seven-month-old daughter, Sally. Recognizing a business opportunity, Gerber began making baby food. By 1928, he had developed five products for the market: strained peas, prunes, carrots and spinach, and beef vegetable soup. Six months later, Gerber’s baby foods were distributed nationwide.

The brand eventually became a major company in the baby food industry and it offers more than 190 products in 80 countries, with labeling in 16 languages. The main competitors are Beech-Nut and Del Monte Foods, but Gerber controls 83 percent of the baby food market in the United States. Now in the light of this latest health concern, the parents who buy infant formula should be aware that Gerber Good Start Gentle powdered infant formula has been recalled. Most grocery stores and pharmacies in the Charlotte area sell Gerber Good Start Gentle powder infant formula. This infant formula may also be ordered online through several pharmacies that offer online shopping.

Gerber  Baby Food
However, the recall of Gerber Good Start Gentle powdered infant formula is limited to a particular batch. The recalled Gerber Good Start Gentle powdered infant formula will contain a batch number of GXP1684. The expiration date for the recalled infant formula is March 5, 2013. This Good Start Gentle powdered infant formula is sold in a 23.2 ounce plastic package. Consumers who have the product with the batch code and expiration date above should contact the Gerber Parents Resource Center at 1-800-487-7763 for replacement. Additionally, Gerber is working with retailers to retrieve any remaining product from this batch. At Gerber, the safety and quality of the products is their top priority. If parents or caregivers have questions, Gerber is there for them.

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