Getting Started with Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy is becoming increasingly popular these days, as many people are becoming more and more interested in natural healing methods that work.  This unique somatic treatment is one of the few techniques out there that focuses solely on the sense of smell.  Many massage therapists find that using aromatherapy while working can greatly enhance the effects of the massage.

There are many kinds of essential oils that are used in aromatherapy, and they can be blended to create an infinite amount of possibilities.  Becoming an expert in the blending of essential oils is a skill that can take quite a long time to acquire, which is why the massage therapist may want to take some classes on it before attempting anything to extreme.  However, basic aromatherapy is something that is attainable for anyone.

Some of the common plants that essential oils are derived from are eucalyptus, cinnamon, lemon, and lavender.  They can be used to treat problems like sinus infections, depression, anxiety, and many others.  Various scents can also relax the mind or energize it.  There are many possibilities when it comes to aromatherapy, and it is important that the massage therapist takes the effects into consideration.  Just because an essential oil smells nice does not necessarily mean that it is appropriate for certain situations.

Different people react differently to various scents, both physically and emotionally.  Some scents may stir memories and emotions in a positive or negative way.  Some people are also more sensitive to certain scents and if discomfort occurs, it is important to stop the aromatherapy.  For this reason, it is always prudent to start with small doses and work up from there.

Before offering massage therapy to clients, the massage therapist should always test the scents on themselves, and willing friends and family members.  Aromatherapy can be an excellent addition to a massage session, or just a standalone treat for the home, but it can also have adverse effects if not used correctly or if a person simply does not react well to it.

The massage therapist should talk to the client beforehand and find out about any preexisting conditions or any factors that may cause problems.  Each essential oil should be chosen specifically for each individual.

There are times when aromatherapy can be as simple as lighting a candle, or it can be more intense.  The beauty of aromatherapy is that there are endless ways to utilize it.  Having a variety of oils on hand is a great way to make a session more interesting for both the client and for the massage therapist.

When it comes to getting started with aromatherapy in massage, the best advice is to start small.  Take the time to learn the subtle nuances of this art.  Like any other health-based treatment, attention to detail is crucial.

Getting Started with Aromatherapy
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