The Dark, Ugly Side of Sleeping Pills

Next time if you think of having sleeping pills, make sure you don’t ignore the various dangerous effects associated with them that can even sometimes cause you your life. Some of the sleeping pills when even administered only 18 times annually can cause death or even augment the probability of cancer. This means that in comparison to the people who don’t take sleeping peoples, people who take sleeping pills die sooner. Sleeping pills are a class of psychoactives whose primary function is to induce sleep and can be used in the treatment of insomnia, and in surgical anesthesia. When used in anesthesia to produce and maintain unconsciousness, patients rarely recover from anesthesia feeling refreshed and with renewed energy. Because drugs in this class generally produce dose-dependent effects, ranging from anxiolysis to production of unconsciousness, they are often referred to collectively as sedative-hypnotic drugs.

Many hypnotic drugs are habit-forming and, due to a large number of factors known to disturb the human sleep pattern, a physician may instead recommend alternative sleeping patterns, sleep hygiene, and exercise, before prescribing medication for sleep. Hence, hypnotic medication when prescribed should be used for the shortest period of time possible. The varied kinds of sleeping pills include benzodiazepines (temazepam), non-benzodiazepines (zolpidem, eszopiclone, and zaleplon), sedative antihistamines, barbiturates etc…

side effects of sleeping pills
There exists a direct correlation between the incidence of cancer and regular sleeping-pill intake. This is a recent contention among medical circles and as of now, very little is known for sure. While the medical community is still divided on this issue it is better to avoid sleeping pills altogether. Also, mixing alcohol with sleeping-pills is a deadly and sometimes fatal combination. People who use sleeping pills have 5.3 fold higher death risk and approximately 35% higher risk of cancer

These drugs are a chief cause behind various other problems also for instance cognitive impairments, diarrhea, drowsiness, dryness of the mouth and throat, change in sex drive or menstrual cycle, weakness, falls, daytime fatigue, motor vehicle crashes, fractures, uncontrollable shaking of certain body parts and heartburn. Elderly people are more sensitive to these side effects and in children it’s not recommended to prescribe such drugs unless they are to be used for treating somnambulism or night terrors. Even if a small portion of the excess deaths and cancers are caused in association with the use of sleeping pills, they are too dangerous to use.

The Dark, Ugly Side of Sleeping Pills
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