The Many Benefits Of Gastric Plication (Stomach Origami)

Bariatric surgery is becoming a more viable option to people in need of significant body mass reduction. With the introduction of new technologies and pioneering surgeons Laparoscopic Gastric Plication is quickly becoming a popular clinical trial. Gastric Plication decreases the size of the stomach without removing sections of the stomach or implanting devices. Gastric Plication decreases the volume of the stomach by folding the stomach inwardly, and suturing the folds, reducing the stomach volume and therefore limiting food intake. Gastric Plication is undergoing clinical trials in the United States and conducted regularly in Mexico.

The benefits of gastric placation can be seen from the facts that the patients worldwide report excess weight loss from 60 to 65 percent, the percentage of complications is significantly lower, it’s a totally reversible surgery if the patient wants to make a change, it is a safer procedure than other weight loss surgery options, there is no need to cut neither the stomach nor the intestine, there is no need for stapling since the stomach is just “folded”, there is no need to use a medical device such as a band and there is no need for future adjustments or fills as with banding. Gastric Plication involves the stomach being folded into a smaller, more compact size and is the most looked after option for individuals wanting weight-loss surgery that does not permanently alter their anatomy or require an implanted device. By folding the stomach the volume gets reduced by 70 percent and patients can expect to lose up to 2 pounds per week following the procedure. The 1-hour procedure is comparable to the art of origami. Gastric Plication is potentially reversible and is performed laparoscopically. 1 to 5 incisions are made in the abdomen in order to reach the stomach to place the folds, and one or two folds are then created with non-absorbable sutures.

stomach origami
With a smaller stomach size, a patient feels fuller faster and is likely to have an actual decrease in appetite after the surgery. Further, apart from helping the patients to shed their extra kilograms, Gastric Plication is effective in the reduction of depression, blood pressure medications and even diabetes. However, there are always risks to any laparoscopic procedure such as infection, injury to surrounding organs and bleeding. Gastric Plication is still in its investigational studies and as such is not covered by insurance. It is imperative that those seeking information understand the risks and benefits to any weight loss procedure, particularly Gastric Plication.

The Many Benefits Of Gastric Plication (Stomach Origami)
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