Winners Often Turn Hostile to Losers

If you have any problem with labels, such as winners and losers, then you are likely already to believe that you are a loser and you hate it and you hate it even more when others put you into that category. Do you think winners are all just good? If yes, then do give this another thought. To be a winner is good and it is always appreciated if you are one of them but after a competition ends, to be gracious and humble after winning is more important. Hence to treat your opponents or the people you have defeated with healthy spirits is much more important than just mere winning.

In a competitive situation being a gracious victor is really hard to do. If you look back into time then you will remember that your school teacher used to warn you against either being bad winners or sore losers. Out of the two being a bad winner in comparison to a sore loser is more common. Winners probably hold a hostile attitude towards their beaten competitors after the competition has ended. They usually hold aggression and become combative for those whom they defeat in a competition. As against this, the losers do not beckon such unhealthy gestures and do not turn hostile towards those who defeated them. So if you are a loser it is best to fear the winners then. Another unique aspect of the personalities of a winner is that at one time in their growth they were all non-winners who chose to be winners. This is not to say that they were necessarily losers. A loser makes no vow to do otherwise and stays a loser. They do not make an impact with themselves to become winners.

If you think deeply then you will believe that because winners prevented losers from feeling competent, it will be losers who might be the strong aggressors but in reality it’s just the opposite. After winning a competition it is the winners who get an attitude problem while losers have to bear the brunt of that. Thus those who are better off behave badly than those who are worse off. However, there is little study on the fact that whether winners are more aggressive or losers are less aggressive than normal against the winners and also whether winners turn hostile toward everyone or just toward the people who are defeated by them. So losers actually need to watch out and avoid winners after the competition.

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